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Lucy Webb Process Portfolio

These samples demonstrate my working processes. I have focused on developing a skillset that prioritizes drawing quickly in order to capture the initial creative flow of exploration, and then returning to evaluate, repeat, and refine in light of the project's narrative needs and boundaries.

Sword Concepting.PNG

Robin-themed magical sword for 12-year-old girl

Character Design Witch.PNG

Modern potions Witch who works in fast food

Animation Storyboard 1.PNG

Storyboards for animation project

Staff Mood Board.PNG

Dual purpose walker/wizard staff for magical grandma

1 minute pose sketches.PNG

Timed pose sketches (1 minute each)

Animation Final Screencap.png

Animation project based off of storyboards (soundtrack is music only)

Character Design Duo.PNG

Concept for vampire big guy with adopted urchin

Character Design Cowboy.PNG

Solemn lone wolf Cowboy hero (who has a horse)

Portfolio image.png

Application to Western Washington University's Graphic Design program

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