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Your book is important. Let me help you polish your work so that your readers have the best experience possible. I've worked with multiple authors and can tailor my services to your unique needs. Listed below are several different services I offer. Note that these rates are estimates; I'm happy to provide a quote after reading a sample of your manuscript.


I know how difficult it can be to launch your book on a budget. I also know there are exceptional writers out there who might find these professional prices daunting. Contact me—I reserve several slots annually for extraordinary authors who may not find the following prices affordable.




In a developmental edit, I read through the text and provide feedback concerning the "big picture" aspects of your work. Plot, characters, themes—how are they all working together, and how can we tighten and improve the overall story?


I provide two levels of developmental editing: general, and specific. For a general developmental edit, I will read through your manuscript and then provide a written response detailing my suggestions for the work as a whole. For a specific developmental edit, I will keep running notes throughout the text as I read, in addition to providing a written evaluation of the work overall at the end. 



General Developmental Edit: $500–$2000 

Specific Development Edit: $1000–$4000 

Dev. + Line Edit Combo: $500 + 2–4 cents/word 






A line edit consists of a line-by-line reading of the manuscript. I will correct mistakes, as well as make revisions and suggestions in order to improve the flow of the writing and tighten and smooth out the story's structure. I will also check the text for internal consistency regarding plot points, characters, settings, etc. 


If I feel that a manuscript would benefit from significant rewriting, I will contact you to talk about the available options. I'm also happy to have you work on the project and then return to it at a later date. 



Line edit: 2–4 cents/word

Dev. + Line Edit Combo: $500 + 2–4 cents/word



Sometimes all you want is someone who will read through your book and catch actual mistakes: typos, misspelled words, etc. I provide proofreading on two types of texts: manuscripts and typeset proofs.


A manuscript is the text in the form of a Word or Scrivener document. I will read through the document, only marking actual mistakes.


A typeset proof is how the book appears once it has been designed and formatted for printing. In reading an actual typeset proof, I will mark typesetting mistakes in addition to grammatical mistakes.



Manuscript Proof: 1–2 cents/word

Typeset Proof: 2–3 cents/word

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